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Business questions are universal

I’ve spent twenty years advising companies like ITV, eBay, Rightmove, Sony Mobile and Macmillan Cancer Support on the research they need to move their businesses forward. 

During that time I’ve learned most businesses have similar business questions to: how can we grow, how can we develop new ideas fast, is our marketing working, what does best in class customer experience look like, how much should we charge for our products. 

I will work with you to forensically define what it is you need to know to answer your questions, advise on how best to maximise your investment in research, then deliver commercially impactful and focused insights


Where will growth come from?


What can I do to reduce attrition?

How can we develop new ideas and products - fast?

Brainstorming Session

Is it working?

Session in Progress
IT Consulting

What does best in class CX look like?

Business Meeting

How do we get the most out of what we already know?

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